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Unique garments, own designs, natural materials
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"Discover our pre-season of the spring-summer 2024 collection"

A collection full of light, comfortable and very versatile garments, so you can combine them with endless options.

You will find vibrant pieces that reflect the joy and light of the spring season, some of our classic but renewed ones, as well as very elegant options for all types of occasions. With geometric embroideries full of strength and color, ethnic prints and natural fabrics that adapt to you.

Always in search of versatility and comfort so that wherever you go you feel like the unstoppable woman that you are.

At Michonet we want dressing you every day to be a fun experience and to instill that magic and energy that our garments transmit.

Are you ready? Delve into the Michonet universe…

Personalized attention

Contact for any questions regarding your order. From MICHONET we will assist you in whatever you need!

Maximum quality

Garments made by hand with raw materials of the highest quality. We make unique designs.

Free national shipping

Receive your free order in mainland Spain. Choose your favorite garment and we will send it to your home.


MICHONET is a brand that likes versatile garments. Quality garments to use for all kinds of occasions. Garments that you can take advantage of and take advantage of depending on the accessories you use or how you combine them. With unique embroidery.

Our fabrics, patterns and designs are developed by us from scratch. Thus making unique garments that do not resemble anything or anyone. Author's garments with their own personality.

Feel the effect of wearing a MICHONET. It never goes unnoticed.

Our philosophy

At Michonet we believe in the extraordinary strength of women and in the ability we have to move forward in the face of life's adversities. All the collections represent a full woman, self-confident and in love with craftsmanship and design.

Join the Michonet team and add COLOR to your life!