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Children's collection

We want the little ones to also be able to wear the MICHONET style. We create designs in mini version, and in this way we launch our michonet children's collection. Because the love for the brand can start from a very young age, and we want to make MICHONET a big family.

Make them also feel special with comfortable, high-quality garments.

Hand-embroidered girl's dresses

Embroidery is a way to give life to dresses, especially if they are for girls. These allow you to create new designs, shapes and models just by using the creativity of the designer. As part of the current trend in the spring summer 2018 season, it can be a great option to give away. In addition, in MICHONET you will find hand embroidered dresses for girls ideal to get a special and different piece. Today we will give you some details about the hand embroidered girl dresses.

Design and coloring of hand-embroidered girl dresses

The designs of this type of dresses for girls embroidered by hand are always to the order of the imagination, since embroidery lends itself to this form of work. Her ease of bringing a girl's dress to life is amazing, allowing stitches to set the pace and create a whole work of art for the body.

In addition, the colors highlight the innocence and freshness of childhood, leaving the little ones of the house with unique styles. They are perfect for hot days, because there are many models of embroidered dresses that also have ease and lightness, allowing them to have fun without problems while using their dresses.

MICHONET Girls' Collection

In MICHONET we seek perfection in every design. We make exclusive garments so that the little ones also feel that they are wearing a special garment, feel comfortable and enjoy our hand embroidered dresses for girls. Therefore, we invite you to count on us when selecting those special garments that your little ones will want to wear at specific times, and that you want them to wear.

We have the highest quality in our garments and we renew our pieces to always offer the latest trends. These dresses are perfect for any occasion, favoring that your daughters, nieces, granddaughters or girls in general, can be elegant without this being too much for them. When you buy a dress from MICHONET you acquire quality and duration, thanks to the fact that its fabrics and embroideries are of proven quality, facilitating that its pieces can be used for a long time after the purchase.

Since we were little we have that lovely desire to be beautiful and always have the most beautiful and best quality clothes. That is why MICHONET hand embroidered dresses are the best choice for both large and small. Visit us and discover the perfect clothes for you and your little one.